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For Improved Performance, Productivity and Returns

S&D Consulting offers training programs in process control engineering and process industry operating excellence to help you optimize your business opportunities, performance and return on investment. Our petrochemical process design and automation consulting experts have pooled their knowledge and experience to provide clients with a distinct edge in the market. From process design to operational excellence and process control,we cover key areas which form the foundations of successful enterprise.

We strongly believe that our value lies in quickly identifying and efficiently managing critical and common challenges to ensure your present and future projects run smoothly. Training is critical to business success and growth, a need that our clients rely on us to help them meet. We are currently offering three courses.

S&D Consulting provides the following training course:

Practical Process Control for the Practicing Engineer

A 3-day course for Process Design Engineers, Process Control Engineers and Control Systems & Automation staff of all experience levels, that teaches the inter-dependent aspects of process plant design, process control, safety systems design & integration and process automation to achieve reliable and robust plant performance.

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To highlight the importance of training to excellence in operation, see this video that is an excerpt from a presentation made at the International Refining and Petrochemical Conference (IRPC) in New Delhi by our President, Michael Taube, on the subject of “Regaining Operating Excellence Through Enhanced Training”.

Video Duration: 30 Minutes

Over the past 20 years, S&D Consulting has delivered measurable results for our clients within the country and overseas. We are dedicated to our mission of providing them with absolute value; whether it is through our automation consulting services or coaching programs. Our training solutions further help realize our objective of enabling you to make the most of resources (especially your personnel) and doing better with what you have.

Contact us to learn more about how our process design and optimization training services can help transform your operations and increase your returns.

We serve petrochemical and refining companies across the United States as well as in New Zealand and Australia.

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