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Streamlining Your Refining Project Management With S&D Consulting

By Michael A Taube on 18 March 17 Blog

The world’s demand for refined petrochemical products is greater than ever, but so to are the demands they place upon the process companies providing those products.  Profit margins are tighter, safety and environmental regulations are greater, and public scrutiny is higher than perhaps any other time in the history of the industry.

A successful refinery operation needs superior refining project management overseeing the operation, understanding the processes, and looking down the road towards obstacles to come.  To some, these challenges might seem nigh-insurmountable, but that’s exactly the sort of environment we thrive in at S&D Consulting.  There’s nothing we like more than digging into refining project management optimization problems that others would reject as too difficult to handle.

And because of that attitude, S&D Consulting has spent the last twenty years becoming the go-to solution that both national- and global-scale petrochemical industries turn to.  Some of the largest names in chemical processing have seen greater optimization, higher returns, and lower risks thanks to their partnership with us – and the same can be true for your refining operation.

S&D Consulting Brings Superior Results to Refining Project Management Issues

Solid management is the backbone of any refining project.  You need complete understanding of the day-to-day operations, as well as superior resources to turn to when attempting to optimize the chemical and engineering processes.  This is exactly where the value in S&D Consulting lies.

Our hands-on approach allows us to examine, understand, and streamline virtually every element of your managerial operations, including:

  • Integrating data analysis and management for superior informational environments
  • Improving decision-making and implementation processes
  • Understanding internal skills and talent while seeking to maximize their contribution to operations
  • Boosting worker morale and productivity
  • Reducing potential safety or environmental hazards
  • Enhancing project governance
  • Implementing superior risk assessment and management
  • Future forecasting to avoid potential obstacles before they happen

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions at S&D Consulting.  Every one of our solutions is custom-crafted based on the specific situation and needs of our refinery clients.  We don’t even start talking “solutions” until we have a complete understanding of your processes, and then, we put multiple solutions on the table for comparison and analysis.

Our goal is to leave every client with superior and sustainable optimizations to their management processes which lead to reduced costs, better uptime, lowered risk, and satisfied stakeholders.

Bring in The Best for Your Team

S&D Consulting is the premiere solution for refining project management optimization and implementation.  Our can-do attitude and love of seemingly-insurmountable challenges can be put to work in your refinery.  Just contact us to begin the process.


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