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Unlike consultants that are highly specialized and, therefore, highly limited sphere of expertise, S&D Consulting combines the nimbleness and adaptability of independent consulting with an uncommon breadth and depth of experience. These qualities deliver value and get you quantifiable results.

S&D Consulting’s services are built around four distinct categories based on a “network and collaborate” business model. This organic approach brings together often disparate disciplines, personnel, systems, expertise and data, to streamline the process of increasing project effectiveness and providing solution flexibility. This approach is only possible with S&D Consulting’s unique combination of independent consultancy and broad cross-discipline proficiency.

Value-Centered Consulting Services for Today’s Business

Here is a brief overview of our four key consultancy solutions:

Process Control & Automation– Understanding of your plant’s dynamic behaviour using industry-proven technology & training from Pro Control Inc. results in superior base-level control configuration & tuning. Advanced multi variable applications are also a part of S&D Consulting’s answer to your efficiency & optimization needs.


Further, in collaboration with Titan Controls, S&D provides automation control systems design services that provides the hardware & software configuration through which efficiency & optimization results are achieved.

Project Management & Economics – Often lost in the minutiae of “taking care of business” is a top-down, overall evaluation of the economic viability of a proposed project. S&D Consulting possesses a wealth of experience in helping companies determine project viability in terms of scope, schedule, and budget. We further conduct comparative analysis of alternative designs in order to present the optimum course of action in terms of ROI and other positive impact measurements. Finally, we manage the successful execution of the project.

Process Design & Troubleshooting – A fundamental understanding of chemical, petrochemical and refining processes is at the core of S&D Consulting’s work. Process design & trouble-shooting begins with a sound understanding of your plant’s behaviour and design criteria, including thermodynamics, heat & mass transfer and hydraulics. From this level of understanding and sound engineering practice, we develop a custom solution which is expressly designed to add value to your bottom line. But sound process design is only the beginning of S&D Consulting’s value-delivery.

Expert Witness – Analysis, Testimony and litigation support – In conjuction with Accumyn Consulting, S&D Consulting provides comprehensive technical assessment of industrial accidents, business interruption & other insurance claims. This includes custom IT and data management strategies in close collaboration with your attorney, including abstraction, indexing, researching, sorting, documentation, and presentation of complex analyses. Our commitment extends into the courtroom and beyond, including technology support, expert witness and trial testimony assistance, damages determination, and more.

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We encourage you to contact us for your own consulting and contracting needs. Our mission is simple: we deliver value. And we are ready to do so for your company. in collaboration with the High Reliability Group, S&D Consulting helps the HPI improve operations and become high reliability organizations.

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