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S&D Consulting specializes in oil refining, petrochemical process control and automation engineering. Over the past 20 years, we have helped our clients across the United States, as well as in New Zealand and Australia, optimize their operational efficiency and achieve significant improvements to their bottom line.

If your organization is aiming to accomplish any and all of these business improvements, we can help:

  • Eliminate process inefficiencies
  • Keep energy costs down
  • Prevent unsafe operating conditions

The right automation and control systems can provide smooth and efficient operation which directly impacts your profit margins. Our value lies in understanding your plant’s dynamic behavior and the technology required to automate and optimize operations. We know that each facility has a unique set of needs and challenges; hence, we combine our process control engineering expertise with the latest automation technology to identify and overcome any constraints your plant may be experiencing. You can count on our team of veteran petrochemical automation consultants to provide you with the specific hardware and software configuration to achieve the efficiency and optimization results you need.

S&D Consulting works closely with you to establish interfaces and ensure alignment with your operations. Our engineers and technologists have years of experience designing, implementing and managing distributed control systems (DCS) in the oil refining and petrochemical field. We also offer multi-variable process control (MPC) expertise to help increase your capacity and maximize profit.

Maintaining your processes at optimum capacity while keeping in mind acceptable safety standards and margins can be a huge challenge in oil refining and petrochemical operations. S&D Consulting partners with industry experts like Titan Controls and ProControl to provide you with the knowledge, technology, and attention to detail that your process operations, automation and control systems require.

Our oil refining and petrochemical process control engineering consulting clients enjoy:

  • Improved production
  • Stable operations
  • Optimized energy efficiency
  • Enhanced safety

Stiffer global competition, rising production costs, and increasing safety and environmental concerns are forcing petrochemical companies to review their management and operational strategies. The array of variables within your plant’s systems requires the ability to fine-tune those processes, thus allowing your operations and machinery to function optimally. Our highly-specialized petrochemical automation consulting services can help to significantly boost your operational efficiency and competitiveness.

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We service clients across the United States and as far away as New Zealand and Australia.

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