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Improve Internal Efficiency with Instrumentation and Process Control Training from S&D Consulting

By Michael A Taube on 23 September 17 Blog

As one of the top options in consulting and engineering services for the petrochemical and process industries, S&D Consulting has a long history of excellence.  However, we are more than mere contractors.  Our goal is to help every client achieve better efficiency in their processes while lowering costs, to find higher revenues and improved QC.  

One way we do this is through training seminars.  We can pass on the decades of experience we have in instrumentation and process control to your own people.  We offer a variety of training classes and seminars aimed at systems engineers, process control engineers, and control systems staff, aimed at introducing them to the latest in ideas and techniques.

Introducing S&D Consulting’s Instrumentation and Process Control Training Classes

We offer a variety of classes, aimed at different skill sets and experience levels, all intended to help your team become more productive and better at their jobs.  These classes are just one of the many forms of service we provide to the petrochemical and process industries.

Through S&D Consulting, your workforce can attend:

Practical Process Control:  

This is a five-day intensive course aimed at demonstrating current best practices and cutting-edge techniques in process control.  As the name suggests, it focuses on practical implementation of these ideas within their own work – not just theoretical research-paper material.

Obtaining and Maintaining Operating Excellence in the Process Industry:  

This extended program is designed to help engineers and operators understand not just how excellence is defined and achieved in a process operation, but how to maintain it over the course of months and years.  This program offers top-to-bottom suggestions on issues including problem-solving, theoretical vs. practical results, and recognizing issues before they endanger an excellently-maintained system.

Dynamic Analysis 

This technology-focused class is primarily concerned with the implementation of computerized and AI-driven analysis systems, and how they can be used to improve overall efficiency.  It also covers issues relating to analog-to-digital conversions to enable such analyses

Distillation Control

This is a specialty course dealing with distillation and achieving the best possible results.  It also touches on process control, and process control engineering related to distillation, as well as how they contribute to superior distillation results. Utilizing distillation modeling, chemical engineering principles and advanced process control application, this course is designed to help plant, process, process control engineers and managers to understand develop the best distillation operation for any plant.  

S&D Consulting Is Here to Boost Your Bottom Line

We are employed throughout the industry, with the ability to get results from a wide variety of operations.  Contact us today to learn more!

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