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By Michael A Taube on 3 March 17 Blog

Optimization in the process industries isn’t solely about engineering and chemical design.  Refining and petrochemical project management is another key factor.  A well-managed plant is well on its way to being a highly productive and efficient plant, and our goal at S&D Consulting is to see our clients combine great engineering with great management to create a truly exceptional industrial business.

S&D Consulting has over twenty years’ experience working with some of the biggest names in the field, across America, Australia, and New Zealand.  Our experts in refining and petrochemical project management can work with you to optimize your operations, management, and planning.  We are the global experts in process industries management optimization.

Working with You to Fine-Tune Your Plants and Process Management

At S&D Consulting, we recognize that every business, process, and goal are unique.  We do not offer one-size-fits-all solutions.  We work closely with every client to understand their processes, their needs, and their long-term plans.  This involves developing a deep understanding of both the chemical and engineering challenges, as well as the management structure and day-to-day operational guidelines.  We put an emphasis on cost optimization and streamlining, which translates to across-the-board savings, higher returns on investment, and improved stakeholder satisfaction.

Our management experts will deal directly with you and the rest of your staff to address issues such as:

  • Decision-making processes
  • Workforce morale and productivity
  • Data integration, analysis, and actionability
  • Identifying and optimizing use of internal skills and talents
  • Informed risk management
  • Improving project governance
  • Future planning and problem-avoidance

In response to the issues we identity, we create multiple plans of action and alternative designs to study and choose between.  This is done in constant consultation with you, to ensure the refinements we suggest are in alignment with your own corporate culture and long-term goals.  Our mission is to bring you maximized efficiency in every area of your refining and petrochemical project management.

S&D Consulting Tackles the Largest of Challenges

As a result of our unique combination of expertise and flexibility, we have brought superior results to our clients for decades:  Reduced costs, increased uptime, reduced health and safety liabilities, better production rates, and enhanced ROI for investors.  When faced with optimization challenges others would deem too complex to get a handle on, S&D Consulting will thrive.

From technical concerns to issues at the managerial level, S&D Consulting has the tools and the expertise to get to the bottom of every problem.  If you feel your process plant is under-performing or in need of a tune-up, contact S&D Consulting to maximize your potential.



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