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Experienced Petrochemical and Refining Plant Litigation Consultants

Expert Witness, Analysis and Testimony for Quick Resolutions

S&D Consulting offers expert witness and litigation support services to help petrochemical and refining companies settle compliance and accident issues as quickly as possible. Complex processes and machinery as well as variable conditions increase operational risks. This can result in accidental injuries, lengthy legal battles and shutdowns; all of which translate to business interruption and loss of revenue. We draw on our extensive industry and regulatory experience to provide your counsel with a vantage point for successful resolutions.

Over the past 20 years, companies across the United States and all the way in New Zealand and Australia have sought the expertise of our refining plant litigation consultants to reduce costly penalties, insurance claims and downtime.As industry specialists, we combine our unique insights with expert analysis and testimonies to help your attorneys provide effective representation.

Our litigation support services include:

  • Advice to counsel on how the petrochemical industry operates
  • Detailed analysis of situation and events
  • Expert witness reports
  • Expert testimony in court
  • Process Safety Analysis Support
  • Process Automation Analysis and Support

When faced with innumerable and complicated documents, diagrams, chemical information, hazardous classifications and data, your company’s legal representatives need qualified litigation support. Our extensive experience with process control and automation helps you efficiently locate, decipher, and prioritize data to ensure it is well understood and presented.

Clients who engage our expert witness and litigation support services benefit from:

  • Specialized industry knowledge
  • Simplified presentations of complex analysis for litigators
  • Technical expertise in supporting or refuting testimonies
  • Qualified expert witnesses for trials
  • Advanced data management, indexing, researching and sorting capabilities
  • Strong attention to detail

S&D Consulting provides comprehensive technical assessment of industrial accidents, business interruption and other insurance claims. Our commitment extends into the courtroom and beyond, including technology support, expert witness and trial testimony assistance, damages determination, and more.You can count on our veteran petrochemical litigation support team to provide your legal counsel with the industry expertise they require, to easily navigatecomplexities and present you with a strong defense.
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Our highly-experienced refining plant litigation consultants serve clients across the United States as well as in New Zealand and Australia.

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