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Control System Engineering Consultants Provide Improved Petrochemical Project Management

By Michael A Taube on 27 July 17 Blog

As the world’s demands for petroleum products across all industries continue to grow, that puts increasing burdens on the world’s petroleum processing facilities.  The need for more and higher-quality product dictates ever tighter tolerances within the plants themselves, along with ongoing infrastructure investments aimed at lowering costs while improving reliability.

For an increasing number of operations, the solution to this challenge lies in hiring outside consultants to help refine their petrochemical project management, as well as their internal systems and technology.  By bringing in a fresh new perspective which is well-versed with the latest in technological advancements, petroleum processing facilities can continue to meet their customers’ demands while also streamlining their own processes.

Four Potential Benefits of Hiring Petrochemical Project Management Consultants

  1. Automation Systems

Few upgrades to existing petrochemical operations can bring more and longer-term benefits than the embrace of process control and automation systems.  In many situations, it’s arguably becoming a necessity.  Process Control, automation, and robotics allow for a much higher level of quality control, with lower manpower demands.  Many processes within a petroleum processing facility can be retrofitted with automation systems that will quickly pay for themselves in terms of overall ongoing efficiency improvements.  Experience and knowledge of applying these systems with knowledgeable engineering and project management can make the difference when it comes to getting a quick payout and return on investment.  

  1. Tighter Safety Controls

We all know that there are few operations where safety matters more than in petroleum processing.  Beyond the standard concerns for workforce protections, a petroleum plant by itself can and has become a literal bomb, with a potential for huge devastation should an explosion occur that would go far beyond the plant site itself.

As incidents like the 2015 Torrance refinery explosion illustrate, petrochemical project management must always be aware of any potential safety hazards and act to solve them ASAP.  Outside control systems consultants with years of experience in various scenarios can help manage the implementation of systems that ensure such hazards are identified and dealt with before a facility or plant makes unfortunate headlines.  Likewise, the consultants manage risk assessment processes that can be refined to further increase safety margins.

  1. Improved Product Quality

Consider the financial implications of product quality. It’s not just that the world needs more petroleum products – it needs better products as well.  The off-spec product is very expensive for a petrochemical facility. Uncountable manufacturers require petroleum products and byproducts in their processes, often operating under extremely tight tolerances. This can easily be seen in the food-additives industry where petrochemicals act as preservatives and increase the tenure of freshness of canned foods; or, sneakers, cosmetics, plastic bags, electronics, paper, detergents, adhesives industries, which are constantly struggling to produce products fast enough to meet consumer demand while also maintaining QC on those products.

A petrochemical operation which can guarantee higher levels of product quality will become a highly-valued partner for its manufacturing clients for many years. Project management provided by experienced control system engineering consultants better enables improved product quality.

  1. Lowered Ongoing Costs

Perhaps the biggest overall benefit from improved petrochemical project management processes is an across-the-board reduction in operating costs.  From lowered energy usage to lessened safety-related incidents, and better product quality, improved management allows for higher profits at lower overall costs.

Choose the Petrochemical Project Consultants with A History of Success

SD Consulting has more than twenty years of experience working directly with the petrochemical industry, improving processes, and implementing state-of-the-art solutions to both engineering and managerial challenges.  Contact your local SD Consulting office to learn more about our unique value offers.

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