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Improve Internal Efficiency with Instrumentation and Process Control Training from S&D Consulting

Posted on September 23, 17 By Michael A Taube

As one of the top options in consulting and engineering services for the petrochemical and process industries, S&D Consulting has a long history of excellence.  However, we are more than mere contractors.  Our goal is to help every client achieve better efficiency in their processes while lowering costs, to find higher revenues and improved QC. […]

Control System Engineering Consultants Provide Improved Petrochemical Project Management

Posted on July 27, 17 By Michael A Taube

As the world’s demands for petroleum products across all industries continue to grow, that puts increasing burdens on the world’s petroleum processing facilities.  The need for more and higher-quality product dictates ever tighter tolerances within the plants themselves, along with ongoing infrastructure investments aimed at lowering costs while improving reliability. For an increasing number of […]

Petrochemical Operation Problems – Eliminated by Knowledgeable Petrochemical Process Design Engineering

Posted on July 10, 17 By Michael A Taube

The modern petrochemical plant is modern engineering at its best, and among the most complicated collection of structures likely to be created by private industry.  Beyond the complexity of the chemical and its engineering challenges, designing the facility to be safe despite the highly volatile nature of the materials being processed requires a huge amount […]

Can Instrumentation and Process Control Increase Profit?

Posted on June 25, 17 By Michael A Taube

Often, we think we are talking about the same thing when it comes out that we are talking about different subjects thinking the other person was on the same wavelength. So, let’s start with what is instrumentation and process control. Instrumentation and process control is one of the most critical aspects of any modern petrochemical operation.  It’s […]

5 Benefits of Advanced Process Control

Posted on June 25, 17 By Michael A Taube

The complexity of a petroleum processing and refining facilities grows. Those involved in the industry also know that so do the challenges in seeing them operate consistently at maximum efficiency.  The more subsystems involved, the easier it becomes for problems or inefficiencies in one aspect to become systemic issues dragging the entire process down. One […]

Streamlining Your Refining Project Management With S&D Consulting

Posted on March 18, 17 By Michael A Taube

The world’s demand for refined petrochemical products is greater than ever, but so to are the demands they place upon the process companies providing those products.  Profit margins are tighter, safety and environmental regulations are greater, and public scrutiny is higher than perhaps any other time in the history of the industry. A successful refinery […]

Global Experts in Refining and Petrochemical Project Management

Posted on March 3, 17 By Michael A Taube

Optimization in the process industries isn’t solely about engineering and chemical design.  Refining and petrochemical project management is another key factor.  A well-managed plant is well on its way to being a highly productive and efficient plant, and our goal at S&D Consulting is to see our clients combine great engineering with great management to create […]

The Best in Petrochemical Project Management by S&D Consulting

Posted on February 23, 17 By Michael A Taube

When asked, what makes S&D Consulting different from other petrochemical project management consultants out there, our answer is simple:  We aren’t hands-off.  We’re willing to roll up our sleeves, dig into a problem, and not stop until we’ve arrived at a project management solution that fully meets our clients’ goals while maximizing the potential within […]

S&D Consulting – Leaders in Petrochemical Process Design and Optimization

Posted on February 7, 17 By Michael A Taube

With, so many options in consulting firms focused on the process industry out there, what makes S&D Consulting stand out as the top choice for petrochemical process design and optimization? S&D Consulting has been designed to stand out from the standard everyday consulting firm, offering a ‘best of all worlds’ combination of unparalleled industry expertise along with […]

S&D Consulting Are Experts in Petrochemical Process Control Engineering

Posted on January 13, 17 By Michael A Taube

Petrochemical process control engineering and automation are key to remaining competitive and profitable in today’s process industry market.  Plants which aren’t leveraging modern technology to the greatest possible extent are at risk of being left behind, as well as potentially running afoul of labor laws and environmental regulations that demand technological solutions to traditional petrochemical […]

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