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The Best in Petrochemical Project Management by S&D Consulting

By Michael A Taube on 23 February 17 Blog

When asked, what makes S&D Consulting different from other petrochemical project management consultants out there, our answer is simple:  We aren’t hands-off.  We’re willing to roll up our sleeves, dig into a problem, and not stop until we’ve arrived at a project management solution that fully meets our clients’ goals while maximizing the potential within their business.

With more than twenty years’ experience in the petrochemical processes industry, we are well familiar with the managerial challenges faced by such ventures.  Time after time, we’ve delivered superior results for our clients, helping them achieve sustainable and predictably high-quality output while minimizing their costs, expenses, and overhead.

When global-class businesses including BASF, ExxonMobil and Alcoa face major petrochemical project management challenges, they call in S&D Consulting.  Our unparalleled expertise and track record of success can be put to work for your operations as well.

S&D Consulting:  Delivering Customized Petrochemical Project Management Solutions

When breaking down project management challenges, we focus on the economics of the situation:  Understanding the flow of money, materials, and energy throughout your facilities alongside your own managerial processes, infrastructure, budget, and schedules.  Our priority is having complete understanding of both your challenges and your needs, along with the set of tools we have to work with in the form of your existing infrastructure.

Because of our extensive work on projects both large and small across the USA, Australia, and New Zealand, we have the wealth of experience necessary to dig into any challenge.  Nor do we stop with only one solution.  Once critical areas of improvement are identified, we create multiple alternative designs and plans-of-action which can be analyzed and compared against each other to find the solution that best fits your operations’ unique needs and goals.

By working with S&D Consulting, our past clients have enjoyed:

  • Superior decision-making and implementation processes
  • Across-the-board improved productivity
  • Optimized identification and usage of internal skills/talent
  • Integrated data analyses for informed decision-making
  • Improved risk assessment, management, and avoidance
  • Highly effective project governance
  • Superior end-product quality and reliability
  • Lowered costs and overhead
  • Improved revenues and ROI

We can take the challenges you’re currently facing and turn them into market advantages going forward.  Our all-in-one approach can combine both managerial, engineering, and software solutions as well to create truly optimized solutions.

Unlike other consultants, we aren’t interested in solutions that only offer short-term gains that fade over time.  Our goal is complete sustainability for the processes we implement, that continue providing superior value to our clients’ year after year.

To resolve petrochemical project management challenges large or small, contact S&D Consulting today to begin the optimization process.


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