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Michael Taube, President of S&D Consulting, Presents at IRPC 2016 in Milan

By admin_sd on 21 June 16

Michael Taube, President of S&D Consulting, Presenting at the International Refining & Petrochemical Conference (IRPC 2016) in Milan, Italy

TOPIC: Achieving Robust Design & Real-Time Plant Performance with Dynamic Process Analysis

SYNOPSIS:   Prior to the use of digital computers and process simulation programs, plant design projects required dozens of engineers performing hundreds of manual calculations. The result was that plants were over-designed and capable of processing far more than their rated capacity with only nominal equipment upgrades. Computer technology advancements increased the fidelity and lowered the costs of steady state simulation packages. Combined with decreasing project budgets, plants designed and built since the 1990s, while economically optimal (e.g., “minimum required capital”), are less able respond to disturbances and remain on-spec when operating at design rates.

Based on 20+ years of personal observation and attempts to resolve the issues caused by purely steady state design, this presentation illustrates how the targeted use of dynamic process analysis early in the design phase enables assessment of key equipment capacity and its ability to respond to disturbances that steady-state models, by definition, cannot identify. Examples of both real-world and hypothetical equipment are used to illustrate the application and benefits of this analysis, including how a dynamic process simulation revealed the cause for an otherwise unexplained behavior in a new plant.


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