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Refining Engineering

Labor Shortage Effects on the Energy Industry

For years the United States focused on locating crude oil, now that it’s been found the oil and gas industry is struggling to find enough labor to pump it.  This is a problem that they should have seen coming.  The baby boomers have been sustaining the industry and now that they are retiring in droves […]

Is Refining Expansion Driving New Thinking and Technology?

Increased demands for products and services drives industries toward innovation and change. Refining projects and refining expansion are tied to increased global demands, and demand growth in Asia – particularly in China and India, is spurring plans for new facility development, according to the Tokyo Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry. This growth, coupled with […]

Gain Operational Excellence in Refining Engineering Through Training

S&D Consulting’s recent presentation at the International Refining and Petrochemical Conference (IRPC) in New Delhi addressed the need to invest in training programs in the refining engineering field and across the entire spectrum of the hydrocarbon process industry. The call to action is based in large part to the loss of a valuable skill-set in […]