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Process Control Systems

Ignoring a Ticking Time Bomb

The nightmare has commenced: an explosion at an oil refinery. When this occurs, if it occurs, the plant is immediately catapulted into nightmarish, ignominious super stardom. Managers face intense scrutiny. Process safety and control systems are dissected. Investigators examine operating procedures and practices. Nothing can turn a refinery on its head faster than an explosion. […]

Windows and Today’s Process Control Systems

Windows has been the standard operating system in most control systems since the 1990’s.  Prior to Windows, companies developed their own propriety systems that were very limited and had little horsepower.  Corporate executives thought Windows was the answer to their process control problems.  However, with Windows came bugs, malware, insecurities, an operating system not designed […]

The End of Windows XP and What it means for Automated Systems

Microsoft had been telling its users for years and the time has finally come and gone.  Windows XP is no longer a Microsoft supported product as of April 8, 2014.  It was the longest supported version of Windows ever which means it is also the most used in industrial automation systems.  Millions of systems all […]

Open Source Platforms – The Optimal Choice for Refinery and Process Control Industries

Open Source Platforms – The Optimal Choice for Refinery and Process Control Industries It has long been debated in most industries as to which are the best operating system, an open source platform like Linux or a closed source like Microsoft.  Security, stability and reliability make Linux the operating system of choice to support any […]

Open or Closed Source, Making the Right Choice For Computer Automation and Process Control Systems

Security and reliability are essential to process control and automation. Operating systems that are vulnerable to security threats, require frequent upgrading, or cannot interface with legacy controllers are detrimental to operations. When deciding on an operating system for your process control and automation systems, one question is, are you better off with a closed proprietary […]