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Refining Engineering

Field data – The Next Big Asset For Petrochemical Companies!

The whole world runs on Energy. And the whole Energy sector runs on its data. Raw unprocessed data from the field, live data from production field, data from refining and data from trade and marketing– there’s literally millions of bytes of information which the petrochemical companies need to process and segregate. Furthermore, the wide distribution […]

How Energy Companies Can Gain Success with Smart Refining and Petrochemical Project Management

Of all the challenges that oil companies face in today’s economy, the most difficult is maintaining a successful and steady collaboration with their international counterparts – their major investors. This mutually beneficial partnership between National and International Petrochemical companies boosts the flow of both capital investments and up-to-date knowledge and workings of the oil market […]

How to Make the Most of Your Automation Controller in the Petrochemical Industry

Automation controllers can ease the work load in a petrochemical industry and as they can optimize the complex processes and deliver productivity, consistency and provide a tighter control that can enhance product outputs. Things to Look for in your Automation Controller: In petrochemical process control engineering, the automation systems must be reliable, robust, functional and […]

Oil and Gas Industry Trends for 2014

As we are entering a new year, we have reviewed some of the short and long-term challenges and opportunities that will affect those in the oil and gas industries.  By identifying these trends of tomorrow it should help executives plan their strategies today. Increased Gas Consumption in Developing Countries Developing countries lag behind developed nations […]

Protecting the Bottom Line Through Effective Refining Project Management

Refinery margins are in constant flux as a result of numerous factors, including the cost of resources and wildly fluctuating customer demands. Asian refining margins are currently weak, according to In the US, while there is some improvement recently, margins remain below levels from as far back as 2011, according to Platts. That is […]

Is Refining Expansion Driving New Thinking and Technology?

Increased demands for products and services drives industries toward innovation and change. Refining projects and refining expansion are tied to increased global demands, and demand growth in Asia – particularly in China and India, is spurring plans for new facility development, according to the Tokyo Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry. This growth, coupled with […]

Gain Operational Excellence in Refining Engineering Through Training

S&D Consulting’s recent presentation at the International Refining and Petrochemical Conference (IRPC) in New Delhi addressed the need to invest in training programs in the refining engineering field and across the entire spectrum of the hydrocarbon process industry. The call to action is based in large part to the loss of a valuable skill-set in […]