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Process Industry

U.S. Worker Productivity on Steady Decline

Economic results are in for last quarter and once again we see the U. S. worker productivity on steady decline.  This marks a full year of decreased rates and an ongoing slump in productivity, the longest one we’ve seen since 1979.  Since the supposed end of the recession, 7 years ago, the US has only […]

Managing falling oil prices with Process engineering consultants

The steep drop in oil prices has affected many assets, most significantly the decline in new investments in oil and gas companies. Petrochemical engineering consultants state that this fluctuating oil market has scared off new prospective investors and in order to satisfy the existing investors’ dividend levels, the oil companies need to develop the present […]

Is Process Control Engineering a Dying Art? The Call To Revive

Oil and gas refineries have scrambled to fill the need for qualified process control engineers while managers grapple with past practices that have left them without the skilled force needed. A refiner link post from Org Coach Thomas points out the nature of that failure. The recent period of financial crisis necessitated that many baby […]

Open Source Platforms – The Optimal Choice for Refinery and Process Control Industries

Open Source Platforms – The Optimal Choice for Refinery and Process Control Industries It has long been debated in most industries as to which are the best operating system, an open source platform like Linux or a closed source like Microsoft.  Security, stability and reliability make Linux the operating system of choice to support any […]

Are We Failing to See the Importance of Dynamic Analysis in Process Design?

Why is it important that real-time testing and evaluation of data be a part of process design? The multitude of interrelated variables inherent in refining processes necessitate that dynamic analysis, as opposed to steady-state analysis, be conducted to optimize plant safety and output. Additionally, dynamic variable analysis effectively merges the process control and process design […]

Process Control Engineers and Computer Automation – A Key to Plant Safety

Unplanned flaring, leaks, fires, and power outages interrupt refinery operations weekly. One needs to look no further than weekly report to see how frequently incidents occur. But when events threaten the safety of workers, like the Exxon fire in April 2013 or the Chevron fire in August 2012, the issue of prevention once again […]

Open or Closed Source, Making the Right Choice For Computer Automation and Process Control Systems

Security and reliability are essential to process control and automation. Operating systems that are vulnerable to security threats, require frequent upgrading, or cannot interface with legacy controllers are detrimental to operations. When deciding on an operating system for your process control and automation systems, one question is, are you better off with a closed proprietary […]

Value of Process Control Engineering Management Consultants

The value of process control engineering management consultants who specialize in the process industry, including oil & gas, refining, petrochemical, and chemical, is they benefit the financial bottom line of companies by providing a focused plan of action.  When left to their own guises, internal project teams tasked by their respective organizations, tend to allow […]

What Does A Process Control Engineer Do?

The process industry functions in complex operating environments utilizing sophisticated systems with high degrees of automation. Many of these environments, such as oil refineries, hazardous chemical production, and food processing, have high degrees of risk and must provide a product of highest quality in a safe manner.  The performance of these environments can be defined […]

The Knowledge Transfer Dilemma in Refining, Petrochemical and Process Control Engineering

The work force, including the Petrochemical Engineering field is poised on the brink of a potentially devastating situation. This industry, as well as the refining and process control engineering fields are set to lose some of their best minds. With baby boomers making up 16% of the current population, and a reported 10,000 set for […]