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Oil and Gas

What Are the Economic Impacts of Dropping Oil Prices on the US?

Whether you are a manger in the O&G industry or a consumer, the change in the oil prices is definitely affecting you.  The price of a barrel of oil has fallen to their lowest level since 2004.  Where it once sold at $90-$100 a barrel we are now seeing rates of $30 and lower, a […]

Field data – The Next Big Asset For Petrochemical Companies!

The whole world runs on Energy. And the whole Energy sector runs on its data. Raw unprocessed data from the field, live data from production field, data from refining and data from trade and marketing– there’s literally millions of bytes of information which the petrochemical companies need to process and segregate. Furthermore, the wide distribution […]

How Energy Companies Can Gain Success with Smart Refining and Petrochemical Project Management

Of all the challenges that oil companies face in today’s economy, the most difficult is maintaining a successful and steady collaboration with their international counterparts – their major investors. This mutually beneficial partnership between National and International Petrochemical companies boosts the flow of both capital investments and up-to-date knowledge and workings of the oil market […]

How to Make the Most of Your Automation Controller in the Petrochemical Industry

Automation controllers can ease the work load in a petrochemical industry and as they can optimize the complex processes and deliver productivity, consistency and provide a tighter control that can enhance product outputs. Things to Look for in your Automation Controller: In petrochemical process control engineering, the automation systems must be reliable, robust, functional and […]

3D printing technology and its applications for Oil and Gas companies

Technology has a major role in today’s society – whether in the IT or Housing sector, all are dependent on technology today. Many engineering consulting firms feel that with the advent of the latest development, three-dimensional (3D) printing technology, there’s bound to be far more optimization in all the sectors, including the oil and gas […]

Managing falling oil prices with Process engineering consultants

The steep drop in oil prices has affected many assets, most significantly the decline in new investments in oil and gas companies. Petrochemical engineering consultants state that this fluctuating oil market has scared off new prospective investors and in order to satisfy the existing investors’ dividend levels, the oil companies need to develop the present […]

Demand for Oil & Gas Engineers High Despite Dropping Oil Prices

Oil prices are dropping, evidence of this is falling gas prices.  The lower cost per gallon of oil affects jobs in some of areas of the oil and gas industry; but, not engineers.  No matter the cost of oil, engineers are still in high demand.  Part of this is due to the new drilling construction […]

Niche Business Opportunities in Oil and Gas

Natural Gas Going Up in Flumes Land owners in North Dakota near the Baaken oil fields used to look out on their fields and see nothing but grass and skies.  With the big oil boom, many sold parts of their land to oil companies for large sums of money.  Along with the monetary windfall they […]

Strategies for Addressing the Labor Shortage in Oil & Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry has entered what is called the ‘Great Crew Change.’  It has been created by the perfect storm of an aging work force, the increase in operations due to the shale boom and the repercussions of the hiring freezes from the 80’s.  The Great Crew Change has created many labor problems […]

Labor Shortage Effects on the Energy Industry

For years the United States focused on locating crude oil, now that it’s been found the oil and gas industry is struggling to find enough labor to pump it.  This is a problem that they should have seen coming.  The baby boomers have been sustaining the industry and now that they are retiring in droves […]