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The Root Cause of the Lack Soft-Skills in Graduates

There is a big disconnect in what employers are looking for in job candidates and what skills recent STEM college graduates possess.  We have talked in other blogs about graduate’s lack of practical skills and basic know-how. But, there are skills that are lacking as well, employers refer to them as “soft skills.” What are […]

Dismissing the Reality: It Takes Investment in Human Capital

The previous blog, No Circumventing the Facts: It Takes Knowledge, Experience and Time, introduced the premise that regardless of the apparent savings, ten inexperienced personnel cannot produce the same result as an experienced engineer in one tenth the time. This blog is the second of three in which this assertion is further analyzed; this time, as it […]

Cheap Workers or Experienced Costlier Engineers: The Plight of Modern HPI Projects

The hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI) is facing tremendous workforce challenges. Often, in an effort to minimize costs, Operating Company Management and, particularly, Engineering, Procurement and Construction Companies (EPCs) fill direly needed vacancies with cheap, under-skilled and inexperienced workers in place of more expensive, more-experienced and well-trained talent. While these inexperienced workers come with a significantly […]

Multi-Billion-Dollar Projects and an Acute Labor Shortage

December 2015, OPEC announced intentions to maintain its record-level production of crude oil, heralding continued glut and low prices for 2016. Many sectors will continue to experience the negative effects; others will not. One largely unaffected sector is the U.S. petrochemical industry. Shale Oil Fuels Petrochemical Expansion In the United States, massive quantities of shale oil […]