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No Circumventing the Facts: It Takes Knowledge, Experience and Time

There is no denying that no matter how cost effective it seems, ten (10) inexperienced personnel cannot produce the same result as an experienced engineer in one tenth the time. For cost reduction and because of the lack of continuous training and mentoring programs, the Hydrocarbon Process Industries’ (HPI) management seem to think this can […]

Automation and Control System Engineering Consultation

For any field – whether it is health, commerce, legal, or engineering, taking help of an expert always pays off. Automation and Control system engineering is no different. Why Should You Take Help From Refinery Process Control Engineering Consultant? Taking consultation from an Automation and Control System consultancy may provide a well specialized process control […]

Managing falling oil prices with Process engineering consultants

The steep drop in oil prices has affected many assets, most significantly the decline in new investments in oil and gas companies. Petrochemical engineering consultants state that this fluctuating oil market has scared off new prospective investors and in order to satisfy the existing investors’ dividend levels, the oil companies need to develop the present […]

Labor Shortage Effects on the Energy Industry

For years the United States focused on locating crude oil, now that it’s been found the oil and gas industry is struggling to find enough labor to pump it.  This is a problem that they should have seen coming.  The baby boomers have been sustaining the industry and now that they are retiring in droves […]