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Engineering Education

The Root Cause of the Lack Soft-Skills in Graduates

There is a big disconnect in what employers are looking for in job candidates and what skills recent STEM college graduates possess.  We have talked in other blogs about graduate’s lack of practical skills and basic know-how. But, there are skills that are lacking as well, employers refer to them as “soft skills.” What are […]

Basic Mechanical Skills Needed Are Being Lost

We talk about the labor shortage and the skills gap in the engineering field often in our blog.  It’s a real problem that affects all areas of the HPI industry, not only engineering, and other industries.  It’s not just that the workers are entering retirement age or that students are choosing other fields; it starts […]

Automation and Control System Engineering Consultation

For any field – whether it is health, commerce, legal, or engineering, taking help of an expert always pays off. Automation and Control system engineering is no different. Why Should You Take Help From Refinery Process Control Engineering Consultant? Taking consultation from an Automation and Control System consultancy may provide a well specialized process control […]

Field data – The Next Big Asset For Petrochemical Companies!

The whole world runs on Energy. And the whole Energy sector runs on its data. Raw unprocessed data from the field, live data from production field, data from refining and data from trade and marketing– there’s literally millions of bytes of information which the petrochemical companies need to process and segregate. Furthermore, the wide distribution […]

How Energy Companies Can Gain Success with Smart Refining and Petrochemical Project Management

Of all the challenges that oil companies face in today’s economy, the most difficult is maintaining a successful and steady collaboration with their international counterparts – their major investors. This mutually beneficial partnership between National and International Petrochemical companies boosts the flow of both capital investments and up-to-date knowledge and workings of the oil market […]

How to Make the Most of Your Automation Controller in the Petrochemical Industry

Automation controllers can ease the work load in a petrochemical industry and as they can optimize the complex processes and deliver productivity, consistency and provide a tighter control that can enhance product outputs. Things to Look for in your Automation Controller: In petrochemical process control engineering, the automation systems must be reliable, robust, functional and […]

Labor Shortage Effects on the Energy Industry

For years the United States focused on locating crude oil, now that it’s been found the oil and gas industry is struggling to find enough labor to pump it.  This is a problem that they should have seen coming.  The baby boomers have been sustaining the industry and now that they are retiring in droves […]

Growing Oil & Gas Industry Leads to Growing Safety Concerns

There is no denying that the oil and gas industry is booming.  States like North Dakota, Texas and Wyoming are seeing a huge surge in oil-related jobs and economy boosts.  However, with this boom the industry is seeing higher than ever injuries and deaths.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 138 deaths in the oil […]

Skills Shortage a Critical Issue in Oil & Gas Industry

Ask any executives working at U.S. energy companies what their biggest concern is for 2014 and most will tell you finding skilled workers.  The new, abundant supply of shale oil has put U.S. companies in a struggle to find skilled labor and thus putting their $100 billion in planned petroleum projects at risk. Skills Shortage […]