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Process Control & Automation Services Tailored to Your Needs

S&D Consulting: Delivering Optimal Value and Results

S&D Consulting specializes in petrochemical process control engineering and project management. We also offer litigation support for quick resolution of disputes. Clients across the United States and as far as New Zealand and Australia rely on our consulting services for innovative process design and automation solutions. Our expert plant economic analysis has helped many refining and petrochemical operations increase plant productivity while minimizing safety issues and shutdowns.

MISSION – Delivering the Results Our Customers Require

At S&D Consulting, “Value” simply means that we supply and apply the resources, the personnel, the expertise and systems necessary to provide the results you need.

VISION – Process Control Engineering Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

  • S&D Consulting takes a hands-on approach to all our assignments.
  • We’re willing and ready to get “into the trenches” in order to get to the root of your challenge and provide a practical and sustainable solution.
  • We recognize and work within the realities of your situation—from the regulatory environment to your company’s culture as well as accounting for your staff’s experience level.

BUSINESS MODEL – Bring Experts Together to Solve Your Challenges

S&D Consulting employs a “network & collaborate” business model, wherein those individuals and companies having the skills, expertise and systems required to address your challenges are brought together under a single source. When compared to the “expand & grow” model – which inevitably leads to “decline & contract” – S&D Consulting’s model provides the flexibility and adaptability needed for solving your unique problems.

THE WORLD IS CHANGING – We Can Help You Stay Ahead

Maintaining the “status quo” means you are falling behind the competition faster. What used to be considered “good enough” in the past will not make the cut today. Our present global marketplace requires that you get the most from all of your resources; whether it be equipment or personnel. So instead of having to “do more with less”, let S&D Consulting help you to “do better with what you have”.


  • Our company name ‘S&D’ is derived from a scripture verse: “Be wise as a Serpent and innocent as a Dove”. This epitomizes the foundational tenets of the company’s mission.
  • The Enneagram illustrates the breadth of expertise and capabilities that S&D Consulting can bring to solve your challenges. A philosophical system, developed by Oscar Ichazo and Claudio Naranjo, our logo uses the Enneagram (a geometric figure comprised of nine vertices) to describe nine personality types and how an individual can grow while learning and adapting to the strength of each one.

AFFILIATES – A Vast Network of Process Control and Automation Experts

S&D Consulting is affiliated with numerous individuals and companies in process control engineering, automation consulting and litigation support. Our list of affiliates (below) continues to grows, expanding the expertise we can provide our clients. Additional details for each of these firms are available on the “Services” page of our website.

Contact us for custom process control engineering solutions, effective petrochemical project management and expert litigation support.

We serve clients across the United States and in New Zealand and Australia.

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