Delivering Value and Solving Problems No One Else Does

February 2017

The Best in Petrochemical Project Management by S&D Consulting

When asked, what makes S&D Consulting different from other petrochemical project management consultants out there, our answer is simple:  We aren’t hands-off.  We’re willing to roll up our sleeves, dig into a problem, and not stop until we’ve arrived at a project management solution that fully meets our clients’ goals while maximizing the potential within […]

S&D Consulting – Leaders in Petrochemical Process Design and Optimization

With, so many options in consulting firms focused on the process industry out there, what makes S&D Consulting stand out as the top choice for petrochemical process design and optimization? S&D Consulting has been designed to stand out from the standard everyday consulting firm, offering a ‘best of all worlds’ combination of unparalleled industry expertise along with […]