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June 2016

Michael Taube, President of S&D Consulting, Presents at IRPC 2016 in Milan

Michael Taube, President of S&D Consulting, Presenting at the International Refining & Petrochemical Conference (IRPC 2016) in Milan, Italy TOPIC: Achieving Robust Design & Real-Time Plant Performance with Dynamic Process Analysis SYNOPSIS:   Prior to the use of digital computers and process simulation programs, plant design projects required dozens of engineers performing hundreds of manual calculations. […]

The Road Most Traveled: Neglecting Human Knowledge and Expertise

The first blog in this series, No Circumventing the Facts: It Takes Knowledge, Experience and Time, introduced the premise that ten inexperienced personnel cannot produce the same result as an experienced engineer in one tenth the time, regardless of the apparent cost-saving and how desperately corporate management desires it. The second blog, Dismissing the Reality: It Takes […]