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December 2015

Multi-Billion-Dollar Projects and an Acute Labor Shortage

December 2015, OPEC announced intentions to maintain its record-level production of crude oil, heralding continued glut and low prices for 2016. Many sectors will continue to experience the negative effects; others will not. One largely unaffected sector is the U.S. petrochemical industry. Shale Oil Fuels Petrochemical Expansion In the United States, massive quantities of shale oil […]

Automation and Control System Engineering Consultation

For any field – whether it is health, commerce, legal, or engineering, taking help of an expert always pays off. Automation and Control system engineering is no different. Why Should You Take Help From Refinery Process Control Engineering Consultant? Taking consultation from an Automation and Control System consultancy may provide a well specialized process control […]

All about Petrochemical process design and optimization

Why is it Necessary? In this competitive world, it is very important to achieve perfect optimization of anything as long as it still has the scope in accordance with the present technologies. Similarly, Petrochemical process design and optimization is very important for an industry not only to keep itself profitable but also, to stay ahead […]