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May 2014

Growing Oil & Gas Industry Leads to Growing Safety Concerns

There is no denying that the oil and gas industry is booming.  States like North Dakota, Texas and Wyoming are seeing a huge surge in oil-related jobs and economy boosts.  However, with this boom the industry is seeing higher than ever injuries and deaths.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 138 deaths in the oil […]

The End of Windows XP and What it means for Automated Systems

Microsoft had been telling its users for years and the time has finally come and gone.  Windows XP is no longer a Microsoft supported product as of April 8, 2014.  It was the longest supported version of Windows ever which means it is also the most used in industrial automation systems.  Millions of systems all […]

Skills Shortage a Critical Issue in Oil & Gas Industry

Ask any executives working at U.S. energy companies what their biggest concern is for 2014 and most will tell you finding skilled workers.  The new, abundant supply of shale oil has put U.S. companies in a struggle to find skilled labor and thus putting their $100 billion in planned petroleum projects at risk. Skills Shortage […]