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Petrochemical Process Design and Troubleshooting

Automation Consulting and Plant Litigation Support Services

Since 2002, S&D Consulting has been one of the world's premier consulting firms specializing in the petrochemicals industry. We provide petrochemical process control, advanced process control, petrochemical process design and troubleshooting, support for startups and upgrades, technology application, and strategic consulting for companies worldwide. Our focus is helping petrochemical operations streamline, automate, and optimize - finding higher profits through lower costs, while also bringing their operations into line with day-to-day targets and expectations regarding ecologically-sustainable business practices.

Advanced Process Control &

Computers, advanced algorithms, sensors and digital automation systems are the key to advanced process control systems.  By modernizing, computerizing and digitizing your facilities, we can significantly reduce the amount of manpower required to maintain your processes, while simultaneously improving QC and overall reliability.  With our advanced process control and automation expertise, we can consistently develop custom-conceived applications and implement them to fit your needs.

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Management Economics and Operations

Petrochemical optimization isn't only about computers, chemistry and machinery - it's also about efficient project management and proper human management.  Our project management experts can help break down the human element of your operations, finding areas of improvement or suggesting more efficient management techniques.  We can also work with you to improve your data-gathering to produce greater actionable insights for current and future operations.

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Petrochemical Process Design & Troubleshooting

Our long history with the petrochemical industry gives us the insights needed to help improve a company's process design.  Our expert consultants will look at your operations from end to end, looking for areas of opportunity for optimization or greater profit potential.  We look at your inputs and outputs for new ideas and new ways to monetize or otherwise utilize your "waste" products.

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Expert Witness Analysis, Testimony & Litigation Support

S&D Consulting can be your partners in the courtroom as well.  If you are facing legal action, we can be your expert witnesses, providing detailed testimony and analysis of the petrochemical systems involved.  We can also assist with insurance claims, government regulatory action, and more.

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S&D Consulting provides a range of highly-specialized process control engineering services to petrochemical and refining operations. Our automation consulting team works closely with each of our clients to increase efficiency, profits and adherence to regulatory controls.

Understanding the dynamics of plant behavior is key to process optimization, efficiency and safety. We get to the core of your problems and challenges to craft practical solutions you can immediately apply. Our innovative and hands-on approach helps us orchestrate the results you need. Companies across the US, New Zealand and Australia…

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